1: Meet Michael Phelps, the legendary swimmer. Dive into his intense training regimen and strict diet.

2: Rise and shine with Michael. Start the day by fueling up on a hearty breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, and fruit.

3: Hit the pool for early morning swim practice. Phelps swims several miles each day to build strength and endurance.

4: Time for a protein-packed snack. Phelps refuels with nuts, seeds, and Greek yogurt to keep his energy levels up.

5: Lunchtime! Phelps enjoys a balanced meal of grilled chicken, vegetables, and quinoa to replenish nutrients.

6: Afternoon weightlifting session to build muscle and power. Phelps lifts weights to improve his strength in the water.

7: Snack time again! Phelps grabs a protein shake or a piece of fruit to keep his metabolism going.

8: Evening swim practice focuses on technique and speed. Phelps fine-tunes his strokes and starts to wind down for the day.

9: Dinner is a family affair. Phelps enjoys a home-cooked meal of lean protein, whole grains, and vegetables before an early bedtime.