1: Meet your American Red Squirrel, a native species known for its playful nature and distinctive rust-colored fur.

2: Provide a well-balanced diet for your squirrel, including nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables to keep them healthy and happy.

3: Create a safe and secure outdoor habitat for your squirrel with plenty of natural vegetation and shelter for nesting.

4: Offer fresh water daily in a shallow dish for drinking and bathing, as squirrels enjoy grooming themselves.

5: Encourage physical activity by installing a squirrel feeder or obstacle course to stimulate their natural behaviors.

6: Regularly clean and maintain your squirrel's habitat to prevent the spread of disease and keep them comfortable.

7: Monitor your squirrel's behavior and health closely, seeking veterinary care if you notice any unusual symptoms or changes.

8: Build trust with your squirrel through consistent, gentle interaction and positive reinforcement training.

9: Enjoy the companionship of your American Red Squirrel while respecting their wild instincts and independence.