1: Don Hutson, legendary Green Bay Packer, showcased exemplary leadership on and off the field.

2: Hutson paved the way for future Packers captains through his dedication and work ethic.

3: His strategic mindset and motivational skills inspired his teammates to greatness.

4: Learn how Hutson's leadership transformed the Packers into a dominant force in the NFL.

5: Captaining the Packers was more than a title for Hutson—it was a way of life.

6: Explore how he instilled a winning culture within the team through his actions.

7: From team meetings to game day, Hutson's leadership was felt at every level.

8: Discover how his legacy continues to influence the Packers organization to this day.

9: Join us as we celebrate Don Hutson, the ultimate captain of the Green Bay Packers.