1: Introduction Learn how to maintain backyard stones in any climate with these essential tips.

2: Choose the Right Stone Select durable stones like granite or limestone for long-lasting beauty.

3: Regular Cleaning Sweep or hose down stones weekly to prevent dirt buildup and stains.

4: Seal Stones Annually Protect against moisture and UV damage by applying a sealant every year.

5: Control Weeds Prevent weed growth by applying a weed barrier under the stones.

6: Watch for Cracks Inspect stones regularly for cracks or damage and repair as needed.

7: Address Stains Promptly Treat oil, rust, or food stains immediately to prevent permanent damage.

8: Avoid Harsh Chemicals Use gentle cleaning solutions to avoid damaging the stones' surface.

9: Winter Care Protect stones in cold climates by avoiding de-icing salts and snow shoveling precautions.