1: Introduction to Clarence Thomas Explore the legal legacy of Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice known for his conservative views and controversial decisions.

2: Early Life and Career Learn about Thomas's upbringing in Georgia, his education at Yale Law School, and his career in government and law.

3: Confirmation Hearings Discover the contentious Senate hearings that confirmed Thomas to the Supreme Court amid allegations of sexual harassment.

4: Legal Philosophy Understand Thomas's originalist and textualist approach to interpreting the Constitution and laws.

5: Landmark Cases Examine Thomas's involvement in key decisions on affirmative action, abortion, and civil rights.

6: Controversies and Critics Read about criticisms of Thomas's record, including concerns about his impartiality and judicial temperament.

7: Dissenting Opinions Explore Thomas's dissenting opinions, which often take a strong stance advocating for constitutional originalism.

8: Impact on the Court Assess how Thomas's presence on the Court has influenced its decisions and direction on important legal issues.

9: Legacy and Future Consider Thomas's legacy and the lasting impact he will have on the Supreme Court and American law.