1: Julia Fox's Rise to Fame Discover how Julia Fox went from designer to actress in the film industry.

2: From New York to Hollywood Explore Julia Fox's journey from NYC to making it big in Hollywood.

3: Breakthrough Role in Uncut Gems Learn about Julia Fox's breakout performance in Uncut Gems alongside Adam Sandler.

4: Collaborating with the Safdie Brothers Find out how Julia Fox's partnership with the Safdie brothers shaped her career.

5: Fashion Icon to Silver Screen Star See how Julia Fox's fashion background influences her acting decisions.

6: The Impact of Social Media Explore how social media plays a role in Julia Fox's acting career.

7: Future Projects and Upcoming Films Get a sneak peek at Julia Fox's upcoming projects and film releases.

8: Balancing Fame and Privacy Discover how Julia Fox navigates the spotlight while maintaining her privacy.

9: Julia Fox's Legacy in Cinema Learn about Julia Fox's lasting impact on the film industry and her future aspirations.