1: Katharine McPhee's Favorite Travel Destinations Discover the singer's top vacation spots around the world.

2: Greece Explore the stunning beaches and rich history of Greece, a must-visit spot for Katharine McPhee.

3: Italy Indulge in pasta, wine, and art in Italy - a top choice for Katharine McPhee's travels.

4: France From Paris to the French Riviera, experience the charm and elegance of France with Katharine McPhee.

5: Hawaii Relax in paradise and enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, a favorite destination for Katharine McPhee.

6: New York City Experience the buzz of the city that never sleeps - New York City is another favorite spot for Katharine McPhee.

7: Australia Discover the stunning landscapes and unique wildlife of Australia, a top pick for Katharine McPhee's travels.

8: Mexico Enjoy beautiful beaches, delicious food, and vibrant culture in Mexico - a destination loved by Katharine McPhee.

9: Japan Experience the blend of tradition and modernity in Japan, another favorite travel destination for Katharine McPhee.