1: Introduction to Post-Storm Recovery Learn how communities recover after Tropical Storm Beryl hits with resilience and determination.

2: Preparing for the Storm Before the storm hits, communities take necessary precautions to minimize damage.

3: Impact on Infrastructure Tropical Storm Beryl leaves infrastructures damaged, but communities unite to restore them.

4: Rebuilding Homes Families work together to rebuild homes damaged by Tropical Storm Beryl's fury.

5: Restoring Utilities Communities face challenges in restoring power and water after the storm passes.

6: Supporting Each Other Neighbors come together to provide support and aid in the recovery process.

7: Reopening Businesses Local businesses rebuild and reopen, contributing to the community's recovery.

8: Environmental Repercussions Communities address environmental concerns in the aftermath of the storm.

9: Moving Forward Through resilience and unity, communities continue to thrive after Tropical Storm Beryl.