1: Dan Marino's retirement left a void in the NFL, but his legacy lives on through his records and impact on the game.

2: Marino's retirement changed the landscape of quarterback play in the NFL, setting a high standard for future generations.

3: The NFL continues to be influenced by Marino's retirement, with players aspiring to reach his level of success.

4: Despite his retirement, Marino remains a key figure in NFL history, with his name synonymous with greatness.

5: Marino's retirement showcased the end of an era in the NFL, but his impact on the game continues to be felt.

6: Dan Marino's retirement has solidified his status as a football legend, with his influence still present in the NFL today.

7: The NFL was forever changed by Dan Marino's retirement, with his legacy continuing to shape the league.

8: Marino's retirement marked a turning point in NFL history, leaving a lasting impact on the game and its players.

9: Dan Marino's retirement has left a lasting legacy on the NFL, forever influencing the way the game is played.